The holidays are quickly approaching, which means plenty of family and friends visiting and large meals being served. Wisconsin-based toilet manufacturer Kohler has tackled the potentially embarrassing issue of bathroom smell with a new invention.

The "Purefresh" deodorizing toilet seat went on sale November 10, hitting the market just before the holiday season. Using a battery-powered fan that pushes air through carbon filter, the seat filters foul odors and prevents the embarrassing aftermath that usually forces folks to light a candle or grab a can of air freshener spray.

The standard filters are unscented, but users can add optional scent packs to "fill your bathroom with a light, clean scent", as Kohler's website says. Available scents at this time include "Garden Waterfall", "Avocado Spa", and "Soft & Fresh Laundry". The company says filters are supposed to last about 6 months, which is also the expected lifespan of the two D batteries it takes to make the device work. Scent packs are supposed to last about a month.

The seat's fan automatically turns on, using a sensor to detect when someone sits down. Also included in the design is a programmable LED nightlight that also "functions as a task light when the lid is lifted" according to Kohler's website.

The seat itself is listed on the Kohler website as coming in a rounded and elongated shape, both of which cost just under $120. Scent refill packs (packaged as a 3-pack) and carbon filters are less than $10 each.