Karl Lagerfeld, the fabulous head designer at Chanel, may create fashions that are three times the cost of an average person's mortgage payment, but his birthday gift for fashion queen Lady Gaga was decidedly less wallet-emptying. In fact, it was priceless.

Gaga tweeted a shot of Lagerfeld holding up the homemade card her created for her. It featured Gaga on the front, with flowing blonde locks, black sunglasses and the white dress she wore to the ribbon-cutting ceremony at her Barney's Christmas workshop two holiday seasons ago!

Astute little monsters will remember that at that 2011 event, Gaga was wearing a full, princess-like Chanel ball gown, so it figures that the hand-drawn card would feature the Ma Monster in Chanel threads.

Perhaps K. Lags can create another fashionable wheelchair for Gaga, complete with the quilted Chanel fabric and linked C logos, as she completes her recovery from tour-ending hip surgery. He can't be upstaged by Louis Vuitton, now can he?

Gaga celebrated her 27th birthday last week with her BF, actor Taylor Kinney, in Chicago.

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