I like to eat.   No, scratch that.  I LOVE to eat.   I love food.  I watch the Food Network on a regular basis.  But Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives more so than actual "cooking" shows.  One thing I'm not very good at is finding new recipes that won't require me to go grocery shopping every night for ingredients I've never heard of (or would never eat), or something I'm afraid my wussy taste buds won't approve of.  So I'm looking to you for help.

For one of my 2011 resolutions,  I'd love to try at least one new recipe a week.  I have a whole stock pile of recipes in my head that I consistently use, but my family deserves a little variety.  I've already made my "week 1" recipe twice since January 1st.  Buffalo Chicken Dip.  It was awesome!  I'm talking, lick-the-crock-pot-but-turn-it-off-first kind of awesome.  I even got my husband to eat it (8 oz. of cream cheese is an ingredient, and he's not a "cream cheese" guy)--and he loves it!

If you have a recipe that you'd be willing to share, post it here in the comments.  Email me: laura@mix108.com, or post it on our Facebook page.  I'll try it out, feed my family, and give the Twin Ports my thoughts.  Unless it uses any shellfish as an ingredient, that is.  Because I'm allergic, I'd blow up with hives, and wouldn't be able to show my fat head at work the next day.

Thank you Northland!