Sometimes I'm shocked at the amount of information that gets by me.  Okay, not really "shocked."  But instead of keeping all these cool things I've learned to myself, I'm going to share them with you!


1.  The Duluth Public Library website also lends eBooks?  It's true!  Here are the instructions! If you're looking for a new book to read by the pool on Spring break, then I'm jealous.  And I'm recommending you check out a few new books for your eBook reader!










2.  Gordy's Hi-Hat is open for the season?   And one of the earliest opens on record!  The 52nd season started yesterday.  Boy oh boy,  I'm so jealous of Cloquet right now. I'll have one of everything please. With bacon.











3.  The Edgewater closed because of...poop?  Ok, so to be more technical, the Minnesota Department of Health said yesterday that nine people are suspected to have Cryptosporidium (or Crypto) after swimming at the Edgewater.  What is Crypto, exactly you ask? Well it apparently causes flu-like symptoms and diarrhea from a parasite commonly spread through fecal matter.  Rest assured, the fine folks at the Edgewater have assured us that they closed down the pool voluntarily, and super chlorinated it to get rid of all the Crypto-causing parasites.  Which is unfortunate for the Edge because even though it wasn't their fault (it was the non-butt washers) they'll still be labeled as the pool that closed because of...poop.  Don't worry Tiki Tom and Tiki Tina, I still love you.

And people, wipe thoroughly and shower before and after entering a pool.  Seriously.









There's your "Didjaknow" list of the week!