As a child, I can remember being excited about going to see Santa at the mall, sitting on his lap, getting the mini candy cane I would shove in my mouth and pretend they were braces, confirming that I had been a good girl all year, and telling him all of my Christmas present desires.  That was all before I met the scariest Santa ever. 

One year, before I knew that the real Santa that lives at the North Pole has helper Santas all over the country that report back to him, I assumed I was going to see the real Santa.

I knew the real Santa had a red suit, black boots, a white beard and white eyebrows.

But one year when I went to see Santa and upon sitting on his lap--I knew something was up.  It didn't feel right.  And then, before I could tell him what I wanted, I noticed something.  This imposter had black eyebrows.  The moment I realized that it wasn't the REAL Santa, I lost it.  My little brother reacted to my meltdown, and within seconds we were both flailing about like our life was over.  Thankfully, the photographer caught this special moment.  Kids freaking out, and "Santa" shooting me daggers.

Merry Christmas!