Hundreds of students in grades 9-12 competed in an engineering competition sponsored by UMD with bridges they built and designed out of toothpicks.

I remember this like it was yesterday, our son Cody, who goes to Duluth East, was in a class that participated in this event. As I recall it was very detailed, he had to draw a design and then of course assemble the bridge with just toothpicks and glue.

It was many days of sitting at the kitchen table trying to get it just right, and of course we drove him to school so that it would make it in the building in one piece. I can't recall how much weight his held, but I do know it was pretty sturdy.

I think this is an awesome idea even if some of these students have no interest in engineering, it was amazing to see the project bloom from start to finish, and gives the kids a real sense of accomplishment.