We’ve all been waiting for this moment — the moment when the first few stills of the upcoming ‘Magic Mike’ movie finally reveal how Channing Tatum, Matt Bomber and Matthew McConaughey will look as strippers. Guess what? They all look fiercely mantastic!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we know this to be true.

To look this mouthwatering, Matt Bomber admittedly waxed his chest… for the first time. “I’m not a very hairy individual to begin with, but it was painful,” he told EW. “But more than that… it was more the feeling of feeling kind of prepubescent again, walking around with no hair on your legs, in jeans, feeling kind of naked all the time, that was odd.”

Well, we’re glad he did it. Check out the photos below, as well as tastes of the rest of the hottest cast ever.

Channing Tatum and Matt Bomber

Matthew McConaughey

Alex Pettyfer

Joe Manganiello

Adam Rodriguez