You better Redneckinize, Mama June from here comes Honey Boo Boo is off the market guys. Or was this all for T.V.?

After shedding over 100 pounds, Mama June from the hit show here comes Honey Boo Boo may have finally caved and married her long time love Sugarbear. Sticking to her redneck ways Mama June sported a camouflage dress and blinged out sneakers. Of course all the bridesmaids were wearing blaze orange.

The grand event was held in their backyard of course, with the train most likely blazing past the house every half hour or so.(They live right next door to train tracks) Always budget conscious Mama Junes' sister baked the wedding cake and they had a BB-Q for all the guests.

So is this the real deal, or just a ploy for the hit reality show? We may never know, but it will make for some good television that is for sure! For fans of the show you will have to wait until July for the new season to start, but here is a little preview.