Home Sweet Home in Mequon Wisconsin, located 15 minutes North of downtown Milwaukee. A great place to grow up, and  where Friday nights Fish Frys are very popular, especially for one very hungry resident.

Chucks Place in Thiensville Wisconsin, which happens to be right next to the town of Mequon ,is the home of a very popular All You Can Eat Fish Fry except for one fateful night when they ran out of the fish used for the special.

Enter Bill Wisth a 6'6 350 pound patron who was cut off when they ran out, and who now has vowed to picket the place every weekend until this whole situation is resolved. Of course their is always 2 sides to every story, for full details on who said what click here.

For the record I am not a fan of fish, so I can not give a review of the famous Friday Night Fish Fry, but so proud to see my hometown in the spotlight for a story like this. Grim.