We have all heard stories about people spending thousand of dollars on plastic surgery, to retain their youthful appearance, all the way to the lady who wants to look like a cat. But this story really gives me the creeps.

A 33 y.o. man named Toby Sheldon who has an admitted fear of aging and an obvious love for the looks of Justin Bieber has spent more than $100,000 over the past 5 years having surgery to resemble the Biebs.

Where do you even start with how sad this story is, first the fact that Justins looks are going to continue to change given the fact he is only 19 right now, and no matter how much surgery you have Toby you are going to age, it will happen.

Toby has even had a hair transplant which by the looks of his before and after picture he should have saved his money because Justin is sporting the super short style right now. His parents who live in Germany apparently have no idea about this, but his friends  apparently love his new look and even call him Toby Bieber...... Oh Boy.