It's been over a decade since we've seen Marvel's blind costumed crime fighter and instead of making a remake from the awful Ben Affleck film, this time it'll be a TV series and will be airing on Netflix starting April 10th.

Chris Cox stars as Matt Murdoch, lawyer by day and crime fighter by night. The premise is Matt was blinded as a kid and uses his heightened senses to take care of all the criminals and bad guys. Basically he's a blind Batman with no awesome high tech gadgets.

Personally I think all superheroes should be turned in to television series. I just feel like you can do so much more with shows than you can with movies. I'll definitely be checking this out and I'm interesed to see how it turns out. If you can't tell, I did not care for the 2003 film and I'm hoping this series will be 100 times better!

Check out the teaser trailer below and let me know what you think.