If you are someone who likes to experiment or mix and match your food choices, this may be the best news you have heard all day.

We actually work with someone here at the radio station who is somewhat of a fast food expert, and he makes up his own menu items all the time. According to him, all you have to do is ask. After years of this being in existence  McDonalds has made it official that they do have a "secret" menu.

It really is not much of a secret as it is a way you can order your food with your own preferences, like a Big Mac and cheeseburger combined, or breakfast item mixed with lunch. I had an old co-worker who happened to be in Florida when she and her brother ordered a particular type of sandwich just to see If they knew what it was, and they did, much to their delight.

Here is an example of some of the combinations:

  1. Land, Sea and Air Burger
  2. Mc10:35
  3. Chicken McGriddle
  4. All American

Now keep in mind not all employees will be willing to play along and you will have to pay extra to combine your order this is called "Grill Orders" and can go from quite common like no pickles to a combination of 3 different sandwiches.