Another talented singer from the Twin Cities will be making their debut on "The Voice next week, and by the sounds of it she is amazing!

Kat Perkins who now lives in the Twin Cities will be hitting the stage on the wildly popular show, and I can't wait to see what she will sing. Over the past few seasons it has been amazing how many people from the Land of 10.000 Lakes have appeared on the show, and done very well.

I love her style and the sound of her voice which is so deep and rich. God Bless her for tackling a song from Adelle, which many know is no easy task. This particular video was filmed at an airport in Amsterdam where she happened to find a piano and broke into song. Here is another local connection Russ King formerly from the group "1017" is playing the piano and also has come into the Mix 108 studio and played many times. I for one will be cheering Kat on and hope she wins it all!