Most people in Minnesota would tell you the Land of 10,000 Lakes is the best place to live. Despite the extreme cold and hordes of mosquitoes we have to tolerate, it's still a great state with much to offer. Politico agreed, ranking Minnesota at the top of their list of their ranking of states.

In their second annual report, Politico used factors like per capita income, unemployment, graduation rates, home ownership, and life expectancies to rank where each state in the United States ranks. Coming in toward the top in each individual category, Minnesota tied with New Hampshire for the top spot on the list. In case you're curious, Mississippi ended up at the bottom of the rankings.

Minnesota's neighboring states all found themselves in the top half of the list, with South Dakota being the lowest rated in the five-state region. Iowa came in at 7, North Dakota at 15, Wisconsin at 17, and South Dakota at 21. You can see Politico's categorical breakdown here.

Rank State
1 Minnesota
1 New Hampshire
3 Vermont
4 Utah
5 Colorado
6 Massachusetts
7 Iowa
8 Maine
9 Washington
10 New Jersey
11 Montana
12 Nebraska
13 Connecticut
13 Maryland
15 North Dakota
16 Wyoming
17 Wisconsin
18 Virginia
19 Hawaii
19 Idaho
21 South Dakota
22 Kansas
23 Alaska
23 Pennsylvania
25 Oregon
26 Delaware
27 Illinois
28 Rhode Island
29 New York
30 Ohio
31 California
32 Indiana
33 Missouri
34 Michigan
35 Texas
36 Arizona
37 North Carolina
38 Florida
39 Nevada
40 District of Columbia
41 New Mexico
42 Kentucky
43 Georgia
44 Oklahoma
45 West Virginia
46 South Carolina
47 Alabama
48 Tennessee
49 Arkansas
50 Louisiana
51 Mississippi