A couple from Fosston Minnesota was so fed up with their daughter being bullied that they resorted to making a video where she talks about how she is treated in school. The video is heartbreaking and so sad to watch.

As a parent we all know kids can be mean, and being bullied has always been an issue, but it does not make it any easier to deal with in helping your child. Eight year old Anna Cymbaluk said that she talked to the principal and teachers many times about how she was bullied and nothing was done,  Anna's brother was a witness to the bullying as well.

The school district in Fosston seems none to happy that this situation has been made public, but as long as something is done about this and looked into, then this was not done in vain. Obviously schools can only do so much, and hopefully our kids can feel like they can talk to Mom, Dad or some adult if they need help.