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CNBC started ranking the 50 states in 2007 with 10 different categories and this year Minnesota took the top spot.

Out of the ten categories, Minnesota ranked in the top half for all but two different categories and scored 1,584 out of a possible 2,500 points. This is also the first time a high-tax, union friendly state made it to the top of the rankings. The birthplace of spam and scotch tape and home to 10,000 lakes has put a another number one to it's list.

This years categories were:

  • Workforce (13th place)
  • Cost of Doing Business (35th)
  • Infrastructure (9th)
  • Economy (5th)
  • Quality of Life (3rd)
  • Technology & Innovation (6th)
  • Education (2nd)
  • Business Friendliness (160 possible points)
  • Cost of Living (32nd)
  • Access to Capital (50 possible points)

The article didn't specify exactly how many points the hockey state received in the each category, but we got the number one spot overall! Governor Mark Dayton was pleased to hear this and when asked about the tax increases he said "It's Minnesota's economic successes, not tax increases, that have produced our present budget surplus."

You can check out the video below and let me know what you think of Minnesota being number one in business in the comments.