When Border Battle II ended on Sunday, Vikings fans everywhere had mixed emotions about the result. People were certainly elated about earning a spot in the playoffs, but it was frustrating watching Adrian Peterson rush for 199 yards, falling just 9 yards short of beating Eric Dickerson's NFL single-season rushing record. Some are saying there is still a chance he got the record.

The Vikings organization is scrutinizing Peterson's stats over the 2012 season, looking to find a missed yard here or there that could put him over the 2,105 mark he would need to beat to claim the record.

The practice of re-examining player statistics rarely offers discrepancies from the NFL's official numbers, but the team plans to scrape for what they can in helping Peterson claim a record he fought very hard to attain a season after suffering a severe knee injury.

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier offered encouragement for the hunt for yardage, telling the Pioneer Press the following on Monday:

Yeah, if we can find those hidden yards, we would do it. They have different people who will be doing that, but we'll be doing our own homework, as well. If we can find nine yards, we're going to find them.

Whether or not the team can find enough yards to put Peterson over the top, he told the media after the final regular season game on Sunday that he plans to give it another try next year.