Winter in the Northland is no treat at times, it can make the heartiest of people want to pack up and move somewhere tropical. But with so many people willing to help, it warms the heart to live here.

Many of us were glued to the web, radio and T.V. this past weekend checking details on the impending snowstorm. We all know how Lake Superior can either help or hinder the outcome of a storm. With many of us having to get up for work today a few fingers were crossed as we headed out, hoping we made it safe and sound.

The term Minnesota Nice,  I am happy to say happened to me twice today alone. One of my co-workers who has to be at the station early in the a.m. like me offered to come pick me up for work. He lives in the general area but is by no means close, or is it on his way to come get me. Our road had not been plowed when it was time for me to leave, so to have him come get me was a huge help.

Then when I got home from work our neighbor had plowed out our sidewalk in front of our house. Wow, what a nice surprise.! Neighbors and friends helping each other, that is the true spirit of living around here. So take a deep breath, whether you get stuck, need a jump, or a push out of the snow, chances are someone will most likely be right around the corner ready to help out.