If you are among the thousands of Minnesota residents who eat right, exercise regularly and maintain a normal weight, you have helped the Land of 10,000 lakes stay healthy.

According to a new study from the Minnesota Department of Health of all the upper Midwest states Minnesota have held the obesity rate at a consistent rate since 2008. Many cities in Minnesota are constantly being acknowledged for the health lifestyle of many residents in large part due to so many natural and made made areas to enjoy running, biking, hiking etc.

But as we all know our warm season is awfully short, so it says a lot of how hard people work out indoors as well. Living here in the Northland we have so many beautiful natural places to use and explore, and I am super guilty of not taking advantage of it living 2 blocks from the Lakewalk. I have been trying to improve my overall health, and hope that this year will be my turn around. Gotta' represent the healthy side of this survey! :)