Minnesota Power is teaming up with the city of Duluth and Hartley Park as part of the Rajala Woods Initiative that will add longer living white pine and spruce trees to our beautiful city. 

Tomorrow (May 18th) between 10am and 12pm, the group of MN Power staff and community volunteers will plant 30 potted trees and additional tree seedlings near the pedestrian bridge just 100 yards beyond the Hartley Nature Center. The tree planting supports the City of Duluth’s Hartley Park Mini-Master Plan and the objectives of Hartley Nature Center to protect and enhance ecological values, restore the local ecology, and educate park users about Hartley’s natural habitats and its history.

The white pine and spruce trees as apart of the Rajala Woods Initiative will be planted along the Tischer Creek stream bank. Long term benefits will be an enhanced trout stream and other aquatic habitats, improved water quality and create upland bird habitats. MN Power has committed to planting up to 3 million longer lived tree species on Company owned property and is seeking to inspire others to do likewise on their own property.