The Minnesota Twins have announced results of their green efforts during the 2012 season at Target Field, the "Greenest Ballpark in America" according to the U.S. Green Building Council.

Here are some of the impressive and innovative things being done at Target Field:

  • 1,846,322 total gallons of rainwater have been captured and reused. The majority of the recycled rainwater was used to wash down the seating bowl attached to the main concourse.


  • If the infield at Target Field was a six-foot-deep swimming pool, you could fill it four times with the water saved just in 2012.


  • Kept more than 2,559 tons of waste out of local landfills in 2011 and 2012.


  • 956 tons of waste have been recycled from Target Field


  • In 2013, the Twins will seek help from fans in increasing the amount of recycled organic materials.


  • Donated more than 10 tons of food to local charities during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. More than 55,000 hot dogs and brats, 8,000 hamburgers and 3,500 chicken breasts.


  • Every time a Minnesota Twins pitcher breaks the bat of an opposing player, Minnesota State Parks and Trails plants 100 trees in one of the 73 Minnesota state parks and recreation areas on or along one of the 21 Minnesota state trails.


  • In total, 51,800 trees will be planted on Minnesota State Parks and Trails as a result of this 3-year partnership.


Way to set an example for future publicly funded stadiums, let's hope the Minnesota Vikings follow the Twins lead with their new stadium. Now can we get some decent pitching please?