Earlier this morning, our boss here at the station sent out an email that shocked and disgusted me and my co-workers. The email explained that he received a text message from our cleaning guy last night that said the following:

Please tell the guys not to put boogers on the walls above the urinal or next to the toilet.

Gross, right? Apparently at least one of the guys on our staff never really got past third grade in terms of maturity. First off, I feel bad for our poor cleaning guy for having to chisel dried nostril nuggets from the walls. Secondly, it's hard to wonder whether or not the secret snot slinger 'double-dipped', wiping one of his finds on the wall, and then jamming his bathroom germ-ridden finger back up his nostril for more. In any case, I'm even less interested in shaking hands with anyone in the building after this.

Does this happen elsewhere, or is this just one of those "only in radio" things?