Because we live in a frozen tundra driving in winter is inevitable. Drivers will now be able to view photos and weather warnings from 92 different locations throughout Minnesota to see how road conditions are. 

MnDot has expanded its network of roadside cameras and opened it to the public, giving drivers real-time photos from live rotating cameras to prepare drivers for travel this winter. Minnesotans can access the information (not only pictures, but also weather warnings and other traffic data) by visiting 511 travel info online. There's even an app for it.

I think this is a wonderful idea and I'm glad this exists. I absolutely hate driving during the winter. My motto is 'If there's snow, Ian don't go'. I've been in three accidents in the decade or so I've had my license and all has been due to icy road conditions. So it'll be nice to check this out every morning and plan accordingly.

Let me know what you think of MnDot releasing this to the public in the comments below and brace yourselves, winter is coming.