Being a parent is hard work.  Some would argue it's the hardest job in the world.  Now comes the news that not only is it hard work, but we spend a third of our lives running after kids!

According to researchers, moms can expect to put in around 27,250 hours in their lifetime shopping, cooking and carrying out chores.

That means 1,135 days of their lives is solely devoted to bringing up children.

Here's a breakdown of a mom's chores over her lifetime:

Food shopping:  4,155 hours, 49 minutes

Cooking:  3,603 hours,  36 minutes

Tidying:  2,620 hours, 48 minutes

Washing:  2,442 hours, 57 minutes

Washing up: 2,180 hours, 42 minutes

Ironing: 1,787 hours, 45 minutes

School runs:  1,740 hours, 57 minutes

Helping with homework:  1,544 hours, 24 minutes

Cleaning the bathroom:  1,506 hours, 57 minutes

Appointments:  1,432 hours, 4 minutes

Taking kids to after-school clubs:  1,301 hours, 2 minutes

Paying bills:  1,240 hours, 12 minutes

This may seem overwhelming, but they sure do make it worth it, don't they?