If you want to feel truly inspired, just watch some of the amazing athletes from Courage Center Duluth race down the hill on a Mono-ski. A Mono-ski is an adaptive type sled with a single ski on the bottom and poles adapted with skis on each one.

The event kicks off today at Spirit Mountain and runs through February 15th. When I lived in the Twin Cities I volunteered  with Courage Center in Golden Valley and was part of the sit-ski program. It was the most amazing experience I ever had working with these kids that show such bravery every day of their lives.

For people who live each day having to use a wheelchair this is a type of freedom that is hard for them to describe. Some of them had been able bodied skiers prior to an accident and for some they had never hit the slopes before. My job was to ski behind them with a tether to help control the speed of their sleds and help them stop.

It was equally rewarding for me to see the smiles on the kids faces as we raced to the bottom of the hill. For more information about Courage Center of Duluth and this event click here.