I've decided that I can park anywhere I want. No parking signs are just meant for people that don't understand what their hazard lights are for.

That's right, my time is way more valuable than yours. After all, I'm just running in to the store to grab a few things,so even if there is an emergency, I'll be able to move it quickly. My hazard lights should have told you that.

My giant truck parked in front of where people walk in and out of the store can easily be avoided, just walk around it, you have time.

I don't have time like everyone else to drive around and find an empty parking spot, even if the parking lot is mostly empty you don't expect me to walk all the way from the normal spots, do you?

And no worries about seeing if any other vehicles are coming that could run over you our your children, I've blocked the entire driveway so no one can actually use it for its intended purpose.

And don't bother confronting me because I do not care, I have more important things to do anyway, like rolling through stop signs, running red lights, accelerating fast so entire neighborhoods can hear how loud my truck or car is, you know general douchebag stuff, because that's what I am, a big giant douche bag. My hazard lights should have told you that.