A craze is going on in the Twin Ports right now and it is called Nerf Wars. Kids from area schools are putting together teams, and try to shoot other teams with Nerf guns using sponge bullets.

This may all seem like harmless fun, but some local police departments have raised concerns once the kids start piling into cars with the Nerf Guns and are not driving safely. Some of the kids have been seen  hanging out the windows, not wearing seat belts and driving recklessly.

My son  who goes to East High School has said that it is a big deal there along with Duluth Denfeld,  Hermantown and Cloquet-Esko schools. I remember years ago when our kids had these Nerf Guns, and we had these sponge bullets all over the house, but now as they have gotten older, this childhood toy is cool again.

Duluth East even has a Twitter Page dedicated to the Nerf Wars Teams (SEE BELOW)

So parents, If your kid suddenly pulls out the Nerf Gun from the attic or goes and buys one, now you know what they are up to.