A new Duluth-based company is getting on it's feet with a subscription box that features products made by Minnesota small business. 

MiNNBOX is from the creative minds of Minnesota native Paula Polasky and German Conductor of the DSSO Dirk Meyer. The subscription box and all of the the businesses they work with have made a green commitment, meaning during the month that business is featured there will either be a change in packaging (environmental friendly) or something simple like planting x-amount of trees during the month.

I love that fact that it's a local box and you won't find any single-use plastic in the MiNNBOX. All of the products are made by small businesses throughout Minnesota ranging from edibles, to household items, to home goods and personal goods. I can't wait to see what the first box will have in store.

The boxes range from a single box to a deluxe box which should start shipping this June. Let me know what you think of this new Minnesota box in the comments and check out a little info video below.