What an eclectic mix of music and artists putting out new music this week, all of which we have not heard from in a while. Glad to hear that Mariah Carey is back in the game with a new movie soundtrack, which one?

1.) Mariah Carey: "Almost Home" (first single from the Disney movie "Oz the Great and Powerful")   The very dark remake of the classic Wizard of Oz, I am excited to see how they add to the storyline. Watch video below to hear Mariahs new song.

2.) Buckcherry: "Confessions"-On tour with Kid Rock right now the guys from Buckcherry have come into their own with this latest album. Playing off the seven deadly sins.

3.) Fatboy Slim: "Big Beach Bootique 5 [CD/DVD]" (released in the U.K. in 2012)- He is eclectic as it gets and I love it...Fat Boy Slim A.K.A.: Norman Quentin Cook, rocks it. You get a lot for your money with this compilation.

Other Releases This Week:

-Everclear: "The Best of Everclear"

-Fine Young Cannibals: "Fine Young Cannibals: Deluxe Edition" (1985 album; remastered, with three bonus B-sides and a second CD of remixes), "The Raw & The Cooked: Deluxe Edition" (1988 album; remastered, with five bonus tracks and a second CD of remixes)

-Motörhead : "Catch Scratch Fewer" (live recordings)