Finally a week of releases with big names, and no I am not talking about Nick and Jordan...although they were pretty big names in the 90's. Ha Ha...I kid I kid.

1.) Maroon 5  :“V”  -Again a slew of hits for the guys with this lateste release. Everything is coming up roses for Adam Levine, he got married , he is still on the voice and is band is super successful. Life is good.

2.) Counting Crows: “Somewhere Under Wonderland” (their first album since 2008) Yes fans of the Counting Crows they are back and critics are raving about the new album, saying it is the best yet!

3.) Nick & Knight (Nick Carter and Jordan Knight) :“Nick & Knight”  : Two Powerhouse lead singer boy banders unite. The world might not be able to harness this much power.Check out one of their singles below, it is a virtual buffet for 30 something soccer moms. :)


-Jeezy : “Seen It All: The Autobiography”

-The Go-Go’s     “Beauty and the Beat” (1981 album; remastered; CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica), “Vacation” (1982 album; remastered; CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica), “Talk Show” (1984 album; remastered; CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica)

-Olivia Newton-John  “Early Olivia” (16-song compilation, spanning 1971-75)