Back to some groups we have not heard from in a while, old meets new which always makes for an exciting week in new releases:

Photo courtesy of YouTube

1.) Paramore - "Paramore" The group has recovered after a nasty breakup and I love the sound of their first single called "Now" . The sound reminds me of early No Doubt and I am really liking it.

2.) Drowning Pool - "Resilience" -With a new lead singer on board  Jasen Moreno, from The Suicide Hook . Drowning Pool is back in a big way, and for their loyal fans, it is time to celebrate.

3.) Tyga- "Hotel California" (guests: Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa)-What a line up of performers on this latest c.d., Tyga should be riding high with this latest release.

Other Music Out This Week :

-Molly Ringwald -    "Except Sometimes" (covers of jazz standards, plus the Simple Minds' "Don't Forget [About Me]")

-Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark     "English Electric"

-Donna Summer - "ICON"