While buzz around the recent leak of hacked photos from celebrities' phones continues, another risque picture of a celebrity surfaces on the web. Is a photo of a scantily-clad Miley Cyrus in a provocative pose while looking at her phone the latest effort from phone hackers?

Multiple sources around the web report the picture originally surfaced on HollywoodTuna, a site known for "photoshopping" celebrity photos. The site's disclaimer states "These are my personal views, which may be fact or fiction. Intended for entertainment purposes." The difference between this and much of what is found on that site is the photo shows no signs of being edited - or the editor did a very good job of hiding the tell-tale signs of editing.

Most of the pictures surfacing in the phone hacking scandal are photos where the person in the picture also took the picture - in a mirror, for example. This picture was obviously taken by someone else. It would be easy to assume the pic was snapped by Miley's boyfriend, but as of right now there is no way of figuring that out for sure. Assuming it was her boyfriend, that raises the question of whether he leaked the photo himself or whether someone got a hold of it in a shady manner.

Here's the photo in question: