Did you know it's a LAW that you as a driver are required to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk?  Or, do you know this, but choose not to stop anyway?  The Superior Police Department has been receiving numerous complaints of motorists failing to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks--and is warning residents that failure to stop could be costly.To increase awareness, Deputy Chief Matt Markon of the Superior Police Department has issued this statement:

The Superior Police Department has been making an effort to increase enforcement of vehicles not stopping for pedestrians. We’ve received a lot of complaints and we’re stepping up enforcement to address those violations. We’ve assigned officers to watch corners where there are a lot of pedestrians and issue citations to drivers who do not stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. We’ve even used our own officers to be the pedestrians in this enforcement effort. Drivers are required to stop for pedestrians who are in the crosswalk. The fine for not stopping for someone at an uncontrolled intersection (one with no traffic signals) is $326.50 and 4 demerit points. Drivers should be aware that Superior PD officers are on the lookout for these violations and they will issue citations.


To ensure a clean driving record and more money in your pocket, always look for pedestrians when approaching a crosswalk!  It's safer for those people trying to cross the street, and it's not worth the fine!