For anyone who is a fan of the movie "Pitch Perfect" you will be happy to know a date has been set for the sequel.

Working in an office with 3 guys who are all music geeks like me, If it was not for our headphones we would have a lot of different music playing at all times. My guilty pleasure is the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack. I admit I went through a phase where I played it over and over, and actually I was busted a few weeks ago when my headphone cord pulled out of my speaker and I did not realize that the guys could hear what I was listening to.

So of course my lovely Morning Show Co-host was videotaping me as he and Ian were laughing wondering why I still had my headphones on if it was coming through the speakers....well it was still coming through my headphones and I did not know it was playing out loud too. ....Hellllooo.

Happily though I found out that Ian is on board and loves Pitch Perfect too, so to all the haters out there...Go kick rocks. I can't wait until May 15'th 2015