Being someone who has actually no musical talent what so ever, I am a huge fan of Marching Bands, especially the University of Wisconsin Band, but I have to give props to Ohio State with this performance.

At  a recent game they paid tribute to Michael Jackson with their rendition of BAD and other songs. The video is a little long, but make sure to crank up the volume on this one. Speaking of the Badger Band, I am such a fan that every other year when the Gophers take on the Badgers in football, the Wisconsin Alumni in the Twin Cities rent out the St. Paul armory and have a big party called the Badger Blast.

It is a big party with lots of beer, giant chunks of cheese, and if you are lucky enough the Wisconsin Band will show up. The one year they did show up and played for about 15 minutes was the ultimate. So loud, and so fun. Fall in the midwest,  Big 10 College Football at it's finest and of course don't forget the marching band.