One Direction member Liam Payne has been making some changes to his appearance lately. The singer shaved his head last month, showing his boyishly handsome good looks. Now, he has gotten a fresh tattoo. It's small but poignant.

The 1D hottie got the words "Only time will tell…" etched in thin, black script on the back of his wrist. It is simple but it sure still looks cool, and the words must have some significance to Liam. We can't wait to hear more details about why he chose this particular phrase. Perhaps it is a reference to how HUGE 1D's new album 'Take Me Home' will be when it drops next month.

Also, this just isn't another pop singer sharing a photo of a finished tattoo via Twitter. Payne actually tweeted the shot while his tattooist was inking it into his skin. You can see the tattoo artist's needle, blue-gloved hands and paper towel. So Payne snapped the shot in real time.

PopCrushers and Directioners, what do you think of Liam Payne's new tattoo? Do you like the phrase? The artistry of it? Tell us in the comments field below.

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