John Garabedian, host of the immensely popular nationally-syndicated radio show Open House Party, joined Jeanne and Cooper Friday morning to talk about the show, his new book, and some of the hottest acts in music right now. 

Garabedian has been in broadcasting for several decades, working in both television and radio. He's known to most as the host of Open House Party, which is heard Saturday and Sunday nights on MIX 108. The show got its start in the 1980s, and has been a staple in the weekend nightlife of people around the country since.

While on the air with Jeanne and Cooper, he shared insight on the music and radio industry, some of his favorite acts, and memories from over the years. Garabedian has a book out right now, called "Harmony of Parts", which he calls a "racy" look at his life and the industry over the years. If you're someone interested in his history, that of the show, or the music industry, it's worth picking up. He does warn, though, that it's definitely not for young readers.

Garabedian announced earlier this year that he will be leaving Open House Party, after bringing it to the nation in the 1980s and hosting it over the years since. The team in charge of the show are looking for a new host to replace him as he leaves his Saturday night post in 2017.