If you are not familiar with it, the White House has a website called 'We The People' where petitions can be opened and signed for the Obama administration to address.  There is a petition currently open that calls for the deportation and revocation of Justin Bieber's Green Card.

The petition outlines a few reasons including his dug abuse, recklessness and 'terrible influence on our nations youth'.  To warrant a response from the Obama administration, the petition needs over 100,000 signatures by February 22nd, 2014.


If you are interested in signing the petition to deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card you can sign the petition here.


In response to the petition Justin's fans who call themselves 'Beliebers' have opened another petition which has just over 500 signatures.  This petition is meant to stop Bieber from being deported and says that not only does he not deserve it but 'He's human. He's not perfect.'  This petition needs 100,000 signatures by February 24th, 2014 for the Obama administration to address.


If you want to sign the Pro Bieber petition you can do so here.