Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are making waves not just on airwaves, but also in society with their massive acceptance anthem 'Same Love,' and they had some help spreading their LGBTQ-loving message at the Osheaga Festival this year: indie pop darlings Tegan & Sara.

"I know that the people of Osheaga -- the beautiful people of Osheaga -- are a little bit more advanced in terms of equality than the rest of the world. I commend you and your country for evolving faster than most of us. But I am under the belief that until we evolve all of us in the world, we are still enslaved by our own prejudice and our own fear. You guys have led the way, you have pioneered for equality."

He continued, "But in America ... we have had a huge year in terms of following what you guys have set forth here. Now I don't care -- I don't know what you believe. But me personally, I believe that no government, no state, no province, no institution, no other human being, no religion, can tell you who you love in your heart is right or wrong -- it is up to you. I believe in compassion. I believe in tolerance. And I, like the rest of Canada, believe in equality."

Macklemore then introduced Tegan & Sara, later announcing, "That's the first time we've ever done that. Ever!"

The girls sang Marys' hook on the track, harmonizing beautifully and complementing Macklemore's impassioned spitting. Tegan and Sara were over the moon to take to the stage with the Seattle, Wash. superstar, writing on their Facebook page, "Thanks to Macklemore + Ryan Lewis for having us perform ‪#‎samelove‬ with them tonight at Osheaga It was magical, moving and terrifying."