According to numerous news sources PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals) is urging the Duluth City Attorney Gunnar Johnson to file charges in connection with  the death of 14 zoo animals in the recent flood.

The latest from Johnson in his preliminary investigation is that the flooding was caused by the failure of a rail road culvert designed to handle water flow at the zoo.

My personal take on this is one of sadness, for all the hardworking employees and volunteers of the zoo who work tirelessly to take care of these animals on a daily basis. Nobody could have predicted the magnitude of this storm, or what may or may not hold up. This has never happened tot his magnitude before.

Just to repair the roads in Duluth alone, is running into the 10's of millions of dollars . We wanted to hear what you had to say on this, so we took to our Mix 108 Facebook page and here is a few responses:

Brenda D. -   "  Those workers risked their safety to help those animals. They did everything they could. They deserve recognition for being good people, not punishment for something beyond their control!"

Zak S.- "They did their best. And did PETA take in to account that 1. We never get that much rain in one sitting and 2. The zoo is located in a huge bowl and 3. There's a creek/river that runs directly through the middle!"

Andrea R.-"PETA will be pressing charges against motorist that hit deer/ wild animals next. We are all devastated, being a parent that loves to take my kids to the zoo I will be signing up to help with clean up."