Four month old Clover is fighting a rare form of liver cancer and her family is asking help just by prayers and sharing experiences on their Facebook page from people paying it forward.

According to an article from Kare 11, Clover just started her second round of chemotherapy at the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis this week. All the love and support started from Clover's mother, Keely when she posted pictures on Instagram with the tag #PrayersforClover.

I couldn't imagine what they're going through. I have a two month old at home and I was tearing up at the thought of her having cancer. This family is so strong and It's amazing seeing all the love and support they are getting! I will definitely be sending my prayers to baby Clover!

Check out the video below on the interview of the loving Mendez family and to share your acts of kindness, visit Prayers for Clover by clicking here.