The Percy Harvin drama ride continues, with a twist many expected: trade rumors. In what has been a volatile situation between Harvin and the Vikings, speculation of a trade is heating up and nobody is particularly surprised.

Harvin had a bumpy 2012 preseason, expressing negative feelings and suggested he wanted a trade. After a couple days of immaturity, everything was magically fine in the land of Purple and he went on to make an impact on offense and special teams until an ankle injury put a halt to things.

After his injury, Harvin wasn't heard from (and wasn't really seen with the team all that often). Since the injury, Coach Frazier and Rick Spielman have been fielding questions about Harvin's future with the team; and they have both insisted that everything is fine between Harvin and the Vikings Even with that said, there is growing suspicion the team may use Harvin as trade bait to nab a couple draft picks or other prospects.

Percy's value to the Vikings offense (or any other offense for that matter) is unquestionable. His elusiveness and combined abilities on special teams, receiving, and out of the backfield make him a coveted player. He is due a big payday after this season, and while he has produced on the field, locker room issues could be a major factor as the Vikings consider a new deal or a trade.

Minnesota has recently had a track record of purging trouble players from the roster, so the idea of using Harvin to net better draft positioning or some new talent via trade is not out of the question. Even with all of these factors in place, no offers have been put on the table and the team is pushing forward with the stance they want to hold on to Harvin.

As recently as February 3, Coach Frazier offered the following vote of confidence in an interview with Dan Barreiro of KFAN in the Twin Cities (via Star Tribune), saying:

I told him how much I love him and want him to be a part of our team, and all those things that he hears in questions that are asked to me about his future in Minnesota, I mean I want him to play for our team. I don’t want him to play for anyone else. And I tried to put that to rest with him. So he’s clear on how I feel. And we have great respect for one another and hope that things will be great next season.


It is smart for Coach Frazier to want to hold on to such a valuable offensive threat - especially considering the painfully weak wide receiver core the Vikings currently have. The question is, will that value to the team outweigh his value on the market? Would they bend if Harvin outright demands a trade, or would they offer a big deal to keep him quiet and make him happy? Stay tuned, the offseason is young and there is plenty more to come.