Going through your treasure trove of goodies after trick or treating can be so much fun! All of the yummy candy and surprises (and maybe even a little money) can surely make a kid's night! Don't ruin it with these awful things no kid should ever be given on Halloween.

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    Have you ever been lucky enough to open the package for these and NOT have them fall all over the place? Then there's the taste. Dull-tasting candy dust compressed into a puck. Enough said.

    [Sold by Special Supply and Fulfilled by Amazon]

    Smarties / Amazon
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    Tooth Bursh

    Come on, it's a tooth brush! Stop it! How much more anit-candy can you get?

    [ Amazon.com]

    by RADIUS / Amazon
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    Candy Necklace

    More candy dust made into on of the hardest substance in the world. And does it even really taste good? It burns more than tastes.

    [ Cyber Sweetz @ Amazon.com]

    smarties / amazon
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    Mary Jane

    Mystery chews from old people. Gross. They date back to 1914 and I think that might be when the entire world's supply was made. Also great for removing fillings.

    [King of Sweets online @ Amazon.com]

    Mary Jane Candy Necco / Amzaon
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    They would be okay if they tasted good, but their weak sugary flavor just doesn’t do it when you have piles of chocolate waiting. And kids don’t take a name like Jawbreaker as a warning, they take it as a challenge.

    [ Bayside candy @ Amazon.com]

    Ferrara Pan / Amazon