An intense scene played out in the parking lot of the Hermantown Walmart Tuesday afternoon as police apprehended an individual at gunpoint from a vehicle.

UPDATE: 4:00 PM 3/22/16: The Hermantown Police updated the public on what happened this afternoon at Walmart via their Facebook page:


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The video (below) is a brief glimpse of the police searching the vehicle and apprehending an individual. Cathy Kates from B105 happened to pull into the parking lot as the happening unfolded, and described the scene:

She explained that there were at least 4 or 5 police vehicles, some of which were Hermantown Police and some of which were unmarked SUVs that surrounded the silver sedan in the parking lot. Officers had rifles drawn while positioned behind their vehicles.

The individual inside the vehicle got out of the vehicle with their hands up, then got back into the vehicle momentarily, then got out again with their hands up and officers met the individual near the car and handcuffed him/her. Officers also searched the inside of the vehicle briefly, including the trunk. There were apparently no other individuals in the vehicle.

After this, officers left with the individual in custody, leaving the car behind.