Fearless Records started 'Pop Goes...' back in 2000, giving punk bands a chance to be heard by covering famous songs. Sixteen albums later, Fearless has redone the Pop genre for the sixth time. 

I've always enjoyed Pop Goes and how they reinvent favorite songs in their own way, my favorite being Pop Goes Classic Rock. Since pop music is now my life, I was excited to dig through the songs and see how the young punk bands do with today's current pop hits. Just a heads up, some songs have explicit language. Let's take a listen, shall we?

  • 1

    Ain't It Fun

    Tyler Carter and Luke Holland try to do their best with Paramore's big hit from earlier this year. I give them credit for trying, but to me there's not much of a difference between the two songs. I give this cover 1/5 for not much originality.

  • 2

    Wrecking Ball

    I really wish August Burns Red would have made a video for their Miley Cyrus cover. I actually really like this and kind of wish it was the original version. I'm giving this awesome cover a 4/5 for doing a lot better than Miley in my opinion.

  • 3

    I Knew You Were Trouble

    We Came As Romans took a page out of Taylor Swift's diary for this one. Another cover that started out pretty similar. It took almost a minute to kick in and sounded much better. I was really worried at first and thought I was going to like the original better. After listening to the whole song, I'll give it a 3/5 for almost giving it all they got.

  • 4

    Turn Down For What

    I don't know if anyone can out do DJ Snake and Lil Jon's video, but Upon A Burning Body and Ice-T definitely made this song their own. I love that they added thier own lyrics and gave this song way more of a rock feeling. This is one of the best covers on this CD and I'm putting a 5/5 on this one as well.

  • 5


    Set It Off did a wonderful job at making Ariana's smash hit their own. It's similar yet so different. I could listen to this song all day. Set It Off added that extra oomph that this song needed. I was a little worried when Iggy's part came on that it might ruin it, but not at all. This song gets 5/5 hands down!

  • 6


    Crown The Empire slowed down Ellie Goulding's Fire and it did not work. It took the whole song to even kick in. It might of been fine if it wasn't a cover, but I wouldn't classify this song as "punk" at all. 1/5 for this one.

  • 7

    Drunk in Love

    Look out Beyonce, Oceans Ate Alaska brought it home with this one. I never liked this song, but there's just something about this version that draws me to it. I can't explain it, but I absolutely love it! It wasn't enough to get a perfect rating, but a healthy 4/5 is good in my book.

  • 8


    Youth in Revolt disappointing me in this Lorde cover. I felt like this song could have been an amazing cover, but just never lived up to it's potential. They tried and put in a good effort, but I'll take Lorde's version any day. 2/5 for this disappointment.

  • 9

    Hold On, We're Going Home

    The Volumes do almost exactly what Drake did with this one. When doing a cover, you have to make it our own, otherwise it just sounds like karaoke. It took a whole minute to even have a rock kick and as soon as you get your hopes up, it goes back to sounding like the original. You have to make more than just the chorus your own. Chalk up a 2/5 for another disappointment.

  • 10


    To be honest I've never heard of this song or The 1975 until this CD. After listening to both versions, Knuckle Puck did a great job reviving this song. This cover was a breathe a fresh of air from the rest of the songs on this compilation.This is another song I could listen to on repeat. I could just close me eyes and drift off while this one is playing. 5/5 for this relaxing cover

  • 11

    Sweater Weather

    Slaves covered, or at least tried to cover The Neighbourhood on this weird sounding hit. It's another one that takes awhile to kick in. Finally about half way through it starts to sound better. But overall, just a super weird sounding cover. 1.5/5 for originality, but I just couldn't get into this song at all.

  • 12

    Stay the Night

    Zedd and Hayley Williams were challenged by State Champs in this cover. Both versions started out similar and stay pretty close throughout. Obviously this cover has more of a rock sound, but I just don't know if it's enough. 2.5/5 for this somewhat descent cover.

  • 13


    I was shocked when I saw Palisades took on Pharrell's feel good anthem. I have to say nice try, but they couldn't quite deliver. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad a cover, it just didn't make me as happy as the original version did. 2.5/5 for a good effort.