We are traveling all over the Twin Ports meeting and thanking our listeners one at a time with #MIX108RandomActs. We love taking the company credit card and shopping for a gift to give you, we just need to know what you want.

There are two ways to enter yourself or another MIX 108 listener for #MIX108RandomActs, simply click the button below and fill out the form or take to Twitter or Facebook and tell us what you want using the hashtag #MIX108RandomActs and making sure that you're an All Access member, sign up in under 30 seconds here.

Maybe you want a new blu-ray movie or a household appliance, maybe it's a new book or some nail polish you've got your eye on, it's OK to be selfish now and then, especially when it isn't your money. Try to keep your #RandomActs request under $100.

Keep watching our website and our YouTube channel for new #MIX108RandomActs every month. We want to come see you, so click the button below and tell us what you want! See you soon.