A Realtor in Georgia is upset with Ellen DeGeneres and her show for what she says has caused her to be harassed, ridiculed and cause her great emotional distress.

Ellen does a segment on her show called "What's wrong with these Ad's...Signs" where viewers submit pictures to her show and she shows them during the segment. For one woman who's name is Titi Pierce, Ellen made the mistake of pronouncing her name Tittie and made a breast joke reference after. Her name is pronounced Tee-Tee.

According to the complaint when the episode was originally aired the phone number on the Realty sign was not blurred out, and since the show she has received harassing phone calls day and night because of it.

Pierce is suing DeGeneres and Warner Brothers and has asked the show not be re-aired again. You can see the segment below and the clip in question plays around 2:57.