Like it or not, one day we will download movies, we won't go buy the latest DVD or Blu-Ray , instead we'll watch movies through one of many streaming services or download a file directly to computer, tablet, laptop or phone.

I was filling up with gas the other day staring at the big red box out front of the gas station wondering to myself if they have a plan when we no longer get movies on a disc?  Well here is my answer, Redbox knows this and is planning for the future.

Redbox -- the bright kiosks located in grocery stores, fast food restaurants and gas stations that offer movie rentals for as little as $1 a day -- is taking on rival Netflix.

Redbox president Mitch Lowe told analysts Thursday that the kiosk DVD rental company will begin offering subscription-based Internet streaming by the end of the year, the Los Angeles Times reports.

A monthly fee will give consumers access to movies on multiple devices as well as discs through kiosks -- and attempt to pick up a few of Netflix's 20 million subscribers to its DVD-by-mail and Internet streaming subscription plans.

via Redbox Taking on Netflix With New Digital Streaming Movie Service - MOVIE TALK on Yahoo! Movies.