On the same day that the Minnesota Vikings ownership and General Manager Rick Spielman announced they would reinstate Adrian Peterson and allow due process to take its course, KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas is reporting allegations of another instance of injury while disciplining one of his children.

While details are limited at this time, a tweet from the KHOU Twitter account shows an image of a child with bandages on his head. According to the KHOU Facebook page, the child in the photo below is another 4-year old son of Peterson's. He sustained a scar over his eye after an alleged discipline/abuse incident.

UPDATE 9/15 - 6:45 PM -- KHOU-TV further reports that they have obtained photos and text messages that show evidence of another incident involving Peterson. The 4-year old in the photo below is by a different mother than that of the child that led to last week's indictment.

This incident allegedly happened earlier this year, while the child visited Peterson from out of state. Photos that were allegedly texted from the mother to Peterson that showed a head wound, with additional photos from a later time that showed a scar on the boy's head.

Excerpts from the text message conversation between Peterson and the mother obtained by KHOU explaining the incident are below:

Mother: "What happened to his head?"

Peterson: "Hit his head on the Carseat."

Mother: "How does that happen, he got a whoopin in the car."

Peterson: "Yep."

Mother: "Why?"

Peterson: "I felt so bad. But he did it his self."

The messages reportedly go on to explain that Peterson was disciplining his son for cussing at a sibling. No charges were ever filed for this incident, as it was deemed an accident during what was called acceptable discipline.

UPDATE 9/15 - 8:08 PM -- Peterson's attorney, Rusty Hardin, states that these new allegations of abuse are false. The full statement from Hardin says that the allegation is more than a year old and in it he reinforces that this incident never lead to charges being filed because it was deemed an accident.

UPDATE 9/15 - 9:15 PM -- The Vikings have released a statement addressing the second set of allegations:

As part of the information we have gathered throughout this process, we were made aware of an allegation from 2013 in which authorities took no action against Adrian. We will defer any further questions to Adrian’s attorney Rusty Hardin.

Following this statement, it is presumed today's reinstatement will not be undone. As the team stated, they were aware of the information publicly unveiled today as a result of their investigation prior to today's press conference (see below).

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Following statements from Mark and Zygi Wilf, Rick Spielman, and Coach Zimmer, it was anticipated that Peterson will practice with the team and play in Sunday's game against the Saints in New Orleans. It is unclear if this news will change that decision, or bring the NFL Commissioner into the situation to intervene at this time.