Last week we took a family trip to the Mall of America and visited the new Crayola Experience and had a great time. 

The new 60,000-foot attraction located on the 3rd level of the MOA has 25 different hands-on attractions, including an area to name and wrap a crayon, you can pose for coloring pages that you can print and take home, melt crayons and mold them into a neat souvenir and other high tech and low tech things-to-do.

My daughter, Rose, and her friend, Betty, could have spent all day in there, coloring, playing and using their imaginations.

Not only kids will have fun at the Crayola Experience, all the adults, including myself, had a very good time. I could have named and wrapped crayons for hours, and who doesn't love to color?

They, of course, have a huge store full of Crayola products attached to the attraction; they have an area to pick your crayons or markers to fill a tin and take home, which was fun and a great way to load up on every shade of pink and purple crayons, Rose's favorite colors.

Prices vary on time you enter and there are coupons and other ways to save on full price admission, so do your homework before you go. Most importantly, go, you and your kids will have a great time.